Sunday, April 5, 2015

Perfect Indulgence at Castelle de Beauté

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"So when was the last time you did a facial?" This was the first question that Prescilla, boss of Castelle de Beauté, posed to me when we sat down for my pre-facial consultation.

I had to pause the form filling of my personal particulars for a serious thought because it had really been too long since my last facial; "hmm..5 years ago?" *sheepish laugh*

The thing is, I am fortunate that my skin is generally clear and I don't get breakouts. Therefore, my face care routine has always been simple; wash, tone, moisturise, sunblock and the occasional mask at home.

However, I do have some other concerns. As proud as I am of being naturally tan, my skin tend to look dull and lacklustre, especially when I was stressed or not sleeping well. I am also worried about skin ageing now that I am not (that) young anymore. After understanding all these, Prescilla recommended me the Excellence Facial.

Atache Skincare Brand
A Luminous Glow

Based in Alicante, Spain, Atache skincare brand has scientifically developed the Excellence anti-ageing treatment.
This treatment uses Vitasource, an essence extracted from a plant called Huangquin, which helps to stimulate Telomerase production, delay fibroblast ageing and rejuvenate young cells by protecting and reparing DNA. 
Other active ingredients include:
1. Cavier extract; a nourishing complex which stimulate cell regeneration, improve skin tone, firmness and elasticity.
2. Magnesium; an element that slow down the skin's ageing process.
3. Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid; account for 15% of the skin's natural moisturisation factor.
4. Vitamin E; an anti-oxidant that protects skin from damage caused by free radicals.
To further aid the treatment, a special Geisha Anma Massage (an Asian reflexology massage technique) is incorporated to tone facial muscles, reduce expression lines and boost micro-circulation on the face.

This whole box contains 5 sessions worth of "skin food" 
The Treatment

I was led to the second floor where the treatment rooms are located. There was also a locker area for customers to keep their valuables before doing their treatments.

My treatment started with the removal of my makeup and I was really impressed by Mayvis, the beauty therapist. She was really gentle and thorough, especially around my eye area (so much so that I was feeling guilty about my lack of gentleness when I remove my makeup on my own). She also made sure that she explained each step before proceeding on.

Once my skin was cleaned, it was time to exfoliate. Using the Geisha Anma Massage, Mayvis worked the gentle exfoliation liquid into my skin. She warned me that I might feel a tingling sensation which turned out to be very mild. After the massage, I was left to rest for a while with cotton pads over my eyes.

*sneaked photo in the dark* haha

Next up was extraction which wasn't painful and I was actually lulled to sleep. Mayvis was also really thoughtful to ensure that I was comfortable at all times ^^

The final step of this treatment was my favourite - Time for the nutrient-rich CAVIAR MASK!
The caviar nutrition mask powder and caviar nutrition mask gel had to be mixed well together before the application. Caviar is known to speed up the production of collagen and aid in hydration.

I opted for my eyes and mouth to be fully covered when Mayvis asked.
Somehow I managed to fumble for my phone and took some photos in the dark. haha

Don't "eeyer" first!
When I sent this picture to J after I was done with the treatment, his reply was "eeyer!" LOL

This mask was really very "shiok"! I love that it was very cooling and I pretty much slept through the whole masking duration. It was so pampering that I felt reluctant to leave when the 90 minutes treatment came to an end.


So did the treatment work?
With just one treatment, my skin was visibly brighter ^^
Prescilla recommended that one should do this treatment at least once every 2 weeks to maintain youthful skin.

I was so confident of the post-treatment glow that I didn't mind walking out without any makeup on.


Buy 1 session of Excellence Facial and get another free!
Castelle de Beauté also offers a variety of facials for different needs from $38 onward.

Castelle de Beauté is located at Blk 133 Jurong Gateway Road, 01-301. For appointments or inquiries, please call 6563 1131